About Us

About Us

Ali Mousa & Sons Holding Group (AMSHG) journey of growth started in 1978 in the coastal town of Khorfakan, when founder and current chairman Mr. Ali Mousa Alnaqbi set up AMS Contracting as a small private family firm with a vision of contributing to the construction boom sweeping the United Arab Emirates, which was on the cusp of becoming a leading economic center in the Region. 


 AMS Started in 1978, and through 39 years, AMSC, based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication and smooth collaboration across locations and departments, has  prided itself on an impressive record of successfully completed projects earned recognition for undertaking large complex projects and making a difference for our clients, employees and community. 


The Group with exemplified professionalism, efficiency and ethical values, which  ensures high standard of customer satisfaction, providing our Clients  with  services that exceeds their expectations through which we executed  many important strategic projects  varied and extended to include the educational sector such as:  University of Sharjah, American UniversityTechnical CollegesGovernmental BuildingsTraffic CentersHospitals and Forensic LaboratoriesPolice stations and Etisalat Buildings,  Sport Halls & Clubs, and a large number of Model Schools, thousands of Residential Unitsluxury Villas Compounds, several business and marketing centers, Offices, Residential and Commercial Towers and  various Industrial Buildings.


We are proud that we have the possibility of providing integrated services through our companies as the following: -

  • Construction contracting company.
  • Electrical and mechanical contracting company.
  • Metal Industry Company.
  • Joinery & decoration Company.
  • Aluminum & glass Industries Company.
  • Real Estate Development and Property Management Company.
  • Prefabricated Houses and Fiberglass Company.
  • Crushers.

Through the good reputation and capabilities of the group, its activities have extended to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar, through direct branches or through our representatives, where we are evaluating a number of promising opportunities in and near these States. The ability of our privileged group in the implementation is enhanced by the effective management which is the main successful role in the implementation of any type or size of projects.