About us-Ali Mousa


Ali Mousa & Sons Industries proudly presents its Prefabricated division AMS Prefab and Fibre Glass, the in house availability of steel structuring and aluminum metal works apart from glass and joinery industries all help AMS Prefab to leverage itself smoothly to offer cost effective and deliver its project in short time to satisfy our customer needs.


As we follow high international standards and specifications, we find ourselves well –positioned in the market, a more efficient infrastructure and a larger distribution of network.


The Factory is Situated in the Sajaa Industrial Zone of Sharjah and occupies an area of 17,065m2, and  equipped with the latest in computerized and fully automated machineries and is complemented fully with trained and competent staff.


The Company ensures that all of its employees are qualified and or experience as appropriate to conduct the activities required of them by the company, such requirement are documented in the relevant job description services or maintenance specified in contract, the company set a group of technicians to perform the job as required by the client.

About us-Ali Mousa

we operate our activities systematically according to international standard of operation, our quality Management system is governed according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


To meet the quality and standard, we continuously enhance our procedure and policies and go through third party Quality certification program by "Emirates industrial Laboratories".


  1. The Company’s policy on quality starts on all incoming materials, which are not used or processed until they are being inspected and verified confirming their specified requirements.
  2. In the course of manufacturing process the product is subjected to inspection.
  3. The product is dispatched after all items specified in the quality plan satisfactory completed and being inspected, checked and signed by the quality department.


About us-Ali Mousa


We can prefabricate partially anything according to your exact standards and specifications, but of course, we also offer our own designs and specification suggestions, which meet the clients' satisfaction and requirements.


  • Offices and Accommodation Caravans
  • Steel Container Cabins 40’ & 20’
  •  Ablution Caravans
  •  Prefabricated Villas
  •  Chalet for Hotels / Resorts
  •  Car Parking
  •  Steel Shed Structure

  • GRP Water Tank
  • Concrete Water Tank Coating
  • Bathtubs, Shower Trays, Wash Basins
  • GRP Manholes
  • Project Fencing
  • Steel Gate


GRC Works

GRC Division was Established to satisfy the requirements of our Clients and support the Projects of our in-house companies.

The GRC Division manufactures different products with multiple colors, shapes and sizes offering Panels & Screens, Cornices & Brackets, Columns, Pedestals, & Sculptures, and Balustrades & Handrails.